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  • We will print shipping labels on a regular basis. Once your shipping label has been printed we will wipe your address information. After printing your shipping label, we will only store your city, state & country for tax purposes.
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  • To protect your privacy, we are not collecting your email address. This also means we cannot reach out to you. Please check the @XRPLLabs Twitter account for shipping updates. Reach out to XUMM Support in case of additional questions.
  • Depending on laws and tax rules in your country import tax may apply. If this is the case, you are responsible for paying the import taxes.
  • XUMM Tangem cards are not bank cards. They can only be used with the XUMM App as an XRP Ledger wallet. They will not work on payment terminals.
  • To use XUMM Tangem cards, your phone & your phone OS need to support NFC. Please check the specifications of your phone at website of your phone vendor if you are in doubt if your phone supports this.
    If you use an iPhone, you need iOS 13 or higher and an iPhone 7 or newer to use XUMM Tangem cards. On the Samsung A51, Samsung A71 and Motorola One Action there are known issues on Android 10. After updating to Android 11 the Samsung A51 and A71 will work just fine.
    There are known NFC issues with Android devices by Nokia, like the Nokia 8.1. The cards will not work on these devices.
  • The keypair (non extractable secret key) is generated when the card is used by you for the first time. Only then your XRP Ledger account ('r-address') will be generated.
    This means nobody, not even XRPL Labs / Tangem will know your XRP Ledger account 'r-address' 😊
  • You cannot return your order, orders are non refundable. XUMM Tangem cards generate a personal, unique, random 'keypair' (private key, XRP Ledger account / wallet address) on first use.
  • The XUMM Tangem cards contain a non custodial wallet. In case of a lost or destroyed card funds cannot be recovered unless if you setup a back up card (or 'paper account') on the XRP Ledger. XRPL Labs will release a tool & tutorial to setup a back up card (or 'paper account') before sending the card to you.
    This means it is your responsibility to keep your card safe & configure a back up card (or 'paper account').
  • A XUMM Tangem card contains a keypair (generated on first use) resulting in, and giving access to a non custodial XRP Ledger account ('r-address'). All XRP Ledger requirements apply to this account, like the XRP Ledger account reserve of 20 XRP.
    This means you will have to deposit at least 20 XRP to activate your XUMM Tangem card, of which 15 XRP can be reclaimed if you ever decide to delete your XRP Ledger account.
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* Credit Card payments are more expensive: adding exchange rate conversion costs, payment costs, acquirer fee, chargeback risk & counterparty risk results in significantly higher consumer prices.